Review Policy

Thank you for taking the time out to read our review policy. By taking the time out to read this you are respecting us as a blogger just as I will respect you as an author/publisher.
I am currently accepting YA , New Adult, Contemporary Romance and Paranormal Romance .
I accept ARC's, paperback and hardcover copies . I do accept ecopies, but prefer the physical version, if it is available. I reserve the right to giveaway (on this site) any print copies received for review, unless requested or otherwise stated by the author/publisher. I will only reply to the requests that I am interested in. That said, I am always willing to feature you and your book with guest posts, giveaways, excerpt posts, and interviews.  
Please email me at mybookishfairytale AT outlook DOT com if you would like to be featured.
I provide honest opinions, including negative reviews. I do not think of myself as "reviewer" I am a book blogger. I will state what I did and did not like about a novel. 
I reserve the right to stop reading any book that I do not enjoy. If the novel that I am reviewing is one that I have queried for and I do not finish reading the book, I will put up a post on why I was unable to finish the book.
All content on My Bookish Fairy Tale  is copyrighted and owned by me.  If you would like to re-post any part of your feature on my site, please include a link back to the post and/or My Bookish Fairy Tale  site.
I do not guarantee any sort of time frame for a review.  If the book submitted is a future release, every effort will be made to post the review around the time of release, but this is NOT guarantee unfortunately. As all of you know there are just not enough hours in the day to read every book that we would like to. 

I will always read a book that I have personally requested before any other books that maybe submitted.
By submitting your request, you agree that you have read and understand my review policy. I look forward to your submissions.


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