Jr Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood Vs Lara Adrians Breed Warriors?

Ok guys as most of you who follow this probably have figure out by now I am absolutely in love with Jr Wards BDB series and Lara Adrians A Midnight Breed series. So my question for you guys is which do you like more and why? Alot of my girlfriends and I as well have found alot of similarities between the two series' and there have been some discrepensies  about it between my girlfriends. Now I love both series for their own reasons. So   Who do you love more BDB? or the Breed Warriors? and Between the two series' who is your favorite Vamp??    

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  1. I read J.R. Ward's BDB series before starting the Midnight Breeds series by Lara Adrian, and when I first started Kiss of Midnight, I admit I saw a lot of similarities - but a few books in I think it stands pretty well on it's own.

    The BDB series is one of my favorites because of the characterizations and depth of the world.

    I do think that Adrian's Midnight Breeds series has definitely improved as it's gone on though and enjoy reading them.

    Favorite vamp between the two? Well that's no contest - Vishous. Period. Loved him since we first met him in Dark Lover.

    Touchthe Night

  2. haha Angela nice I do love Vishous but I have to say that Zsadist is my bad boy!! There is something about him I can picture him and he is hott!!! lol I agree A Midnight Breed has grown alot as the books have gone on!!

    Yea Hott Vamps!!

  3. Aah, another Zsadist fan. Of all the brothers, he rocks as a bad boy. I haven't read Lara Adrian, but if her heroes are comparable to the brothers, bring it on.