PayBox Check it out!!

Ok guys courtesy of BK Walker I have now discovered a new site called It seems to be a new and different form of PayPal. It is in it's early stages but for earlybird joiners You get $50 bucks for signing up and $5 for every referral. I am still not totally sure how it works as I just found it this morning but hey they gave me $50 so it cant be too bad eh lol.  So hey, Paybox me :).   So check it out guys who knows it maybe amazing lol yea now I am just rambling but seriously check it out! and be sure to use me as your referral!!  It's extra Christmas cash or book buying cash or whatever you want to use it for so check it out and lemme know what you think!! 

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  1. okay, i joined. not sure if it's legit, but here's hoping:)

  2. If it is legit that's pretty cool. Who can't use an extra $50.