Spooktacular Giveaway!!

Ok guys even though I am not participating this year sorry :( I know  I just wanted to inform you all if you haven't already heard about the Spooktacular Giveaway hop going on from October 25-31st!!
This is a great blog hop where these great blogs have been gracious enough to participate in giving away free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff?? So check it out!! Here is a list of all the blogs that are participating!

  1. I Am A Reader, Not A Writer (US/Int)
  2. My Reading Room (US/Can)
  3. A Cozy Readers Corner (US/Can)
  4. Amusing Reviews (US)
  5. Why Not? (US/Can)
  6. The Elliott Review (US)
  7. ReaderGirls (US/Can)
  8. The Thoughts of a Book Junky! (US/Int)
  9. JDP NEWS (US)
  10. Little Squeed (US/Int)
  11. Ex Libris (US/Int)
  12. Melinda Jones Carroll (US)
  13. The Hob - A Tribute to the Hunger Games (US/Int)
  14. The Guardian Legacy (US/Can)
  15. OutnumberedMama @ Busy Moms Who Love to Read (US)
  17. i heart reading (US)
  18. The Bookish Snob (US)
  19. Book Infinity (US)
  20. Y. A. Love (US)
  21. Crafting Insights (US/Int)
  22. Looking Out My Backdoor (US/Int)
  23. Taffys Writings (US)
  24. Beas Nook Nook (US/Int)
  25. Mina Burrows (US)
  26. Eves Fan Garden (US)
  27. Missy Reads And Reviews (US/Int)
  28. Bitsy Bling Books (US/Int)
  29. Genre Reviews (US/Can)
  30. Colloquium (US)
  31. Marcia Lynn McClure Fans (US)
  32. Dragonflowers And Books (US)
  33. Belinda Kroll, Worderella (US)
  34. Murphys Library (US/Int)
  35. Down The Rabbit Hole (US/Int)
  36. Curling Up By The Fire (US/Int)
  37. Dark Wyrm Reads (US)
  38. Book'd Out (Us/Intn'l)
  39. Acting Balanced (US/Can)
  40. What All The Kids Are Reading (US/Can)
  41. Book Noise (US)
  42. Reader Recommended (US/Int)
  43. Layers of Thought (US/Int)
  44. The Fiction Enthusiast (US/Int)
  1. Roots In Myth (US/Int)
  2. resugo reads (US/Can)
  3. Bookworm Lisa (US/Can)
  4. Walnut Springs Press (US/Int)
  5. jennifersmusings (US/Can)
  6. IceyBooks (US)
  7. Haunts Haven (US)
  8. Read for Your Future (US/Int)
  9. The Hob (US/Int)
  10. Nikkis Starbucks Reviews (US/Int)
  11. Pure Imagination (US/Int)
  12. Candaces Book Blog (US)
  13. Literary Obsession (US/Int)
  14. Reading is Dreamy (US/Int)
  15. Curious Minds (US)
  16. Book-Savvy (US)
  17. Spooktacular Geek Girl Giveaway (US)
  18. The Happy Booker (US/Can)
  19. TheDiaryofaBookworm. com (US/Int)
  20. BookKids (US)
  21. The Noble Pirates (US/Can)
  22. Escapade through Egypt (US/Int)
  23. KC Randall Wrote A Book (US)
  24. Shell's Stories (US)
  25. The Creative Well (US)
  26. Soap Box in My Mind (US)
  27. Musings from "Old" Paradise (US/Can)
  28. Sharons Garden of Book Reviews (US)
  29. Sarah's Book Reviews (US/Int)
  30. There's A Book (US/Int)
  31. Stiletto Storytime (US)
  32. Star Metal Oak Book Blog (US/Can)
  33. Urban Girl Reader (US)
  34. Simply Stacie (US/Int)
  35. The Book Tree (US/Int)
  36. Emeraldfire's Bookmark (US)
  37. Simply Ali (US/Int)
  38. The Bluebookcase (US/Int)
  39. YA Enthusiast : : Romance Lover Anonymous (US/Can)
  40. Two Little Cavaliers (US/Int)
  41. Just Joan (US/Int)
  42. My Neurotic Book Affair (US/Can)
  43. Reading Angel (US/Int)
  44. Literatis Literary Library (US/Can
  45. This linky list is now closed.

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