Review Book Swap

I am totally showing the love today!
But I wanted to share this with anyone who hasn't heard about this yet, which may be a lot of you considering
the concept is new. Bk Walker has come up with a great idea on Reviewing books and swapping them out so everyone has a chance to be able to read some great books that they wouldnt have normally picked up.
Or for a chance to read something that you've been dying to read but havent gotten around to picking up.This is something that people will do voluntary and its you who ships the book if you have it and want people to be able to read it.
Now this is is only going to work if people want to participate. I cant really explain it that great so I am going to give you a link and I want everyone to check it out and see if they are interested. Review Book Swap. So at least head on over and check out the concept! You never no you might be interested!

Ok Guys thanx for reading!!

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