It's Lazy Sunday.. What are you doing?

Ohh How I love my Lazy Sunday's... they don't really differ from any other day but I just like to give it a special title lol. Today I will be spending the day sporadically online and reading.

 Watching my children run a muck lol. Hopefully I can get them to sit and watch a couple of movies but they are so long so that's probably not gonna happen lol. 

But my Lazy Sunday's might soon becoming to an end.. it is not yet officially confirmed, but since I have gotten a new job YEA me!! and it is full time ( don't know what my schedule is yet) I might loose my lazy Sundays. Horrible I know but it will be ok I am sure lol

So I want to know how you all spend your Lazy Sunday's. Whether it is unfortunately working ( unless you love your job) or lounging around the house like I do. 

Enjoy your Sunday Folks because Monday is only 16 hours away :( 

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  1. I love lazy Sundays as well! Normally I sit around in my PJs, reading and do laundry. But today we're probably going to go out to eat for V-Day, even though there's a snow storm!

  2. I love my lazy Sundays too. We had a lazy Saturday yesterday so we are gonna head out to eat today. :)

    I don't think I've ever read a sci fi book before AtU. Loved it though!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Hooked to Books

  3. Today I went grocery shopping, but hope to spend the rest of the day reading!! Love ur blog btw, very purty!!