Review ARC Adversary by Kate Kaynak

Adversary (Ganzfield, #2)Adversary by Kate Kaynak
Release Date:August 18 2010
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Format: ARC Paperback
Genre: YA/Supernatural
Series: Ganzfield (#2)
Source: Author

Goodreads Synopsis:
Things are more dangerous than they seem at Ganzfield, and not everyone will survive. Does Maddie have what it takes?

See what happens next in the sequel to Minder.

My Thoughts:
Ok so If I thought Minder was amazing I had no idea that Kate could make it any better, but sure enough she did. Kate takes the story to a whole different level with Advesary. Absolutely brilliantly written and extremely captivating. Kate has no problem keeping me hooked onto every word. 

Maddie, Trevor,Drew, Rachel and Hannah embark on a terrifying task when they discover a devastating tragedy has hit Ganzfield the place that everyone has come to know as home. The danger from Isaiah is still threatening the lives of everyone that Maddie loves. Most of all herself. Being the only one with Telepathic abilities as strong as Isaiah, leaves Isaiah needing to eliminate Maddie now more than ever. With Isaiah wanting to destroy all the G-Positives of the world he has become a stark raving lunatic in his quest to wipe them off from the world.

Maddie and Trevor's relationship continues to grow in the strongest ways possible. Their love for each other is unwavering as their connection brings them closer together than anyone, even them, would have guessed possible.

Maddie knows that the only way to stop Isaiah is to kill him before he kills everyone else. But will they be able to stop him before he causes them more pain? Or is this just the beginning? 

I absolutely love this series and cannot get enough of it. I love the relationship between Maddie and Trevor. I found myself laughing, and crying and feeling every emotion possible while reading. Kate has introduced a couple new characters who bring some new drama into their already hectic lives.

If you have not gotten your hands on Minder or Advesary I highly highly suggest you do. You will not be disappointed I promise. 
A must read for me!

I Give this 5/5 Hearts!

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Adversary, Kristen! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.