Review Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda

Devil's KissGoodreads Synopsis:
As the youngest and only female member of the Knights Templar, Bilquis SanGreal grew up knowing she wasn't normal. Instead of hanging out at the mall or going on dates, she spends her time training as a soldier in her order's ancient battle against the Unholy.

Billi's cloistered life is blasted apart when her childhood friend, Kay, returns from Jerusalem, gorgeous and with a dangerous chip on his shoulder. He's ready to reclaim his place in Billi's life, but she's met someone new: amber-eyed Michael, who seems to understand her like no one else, effortlessly claiming a stake in her heart.
But the Templars are called to duty before Billi can enjoy the pleasant new twist to her life. One of the order's ancient enemies has resurfaced, searching for a treasure that the Templars have protected for hundreds of years -- a cursed mirror powerful enough to kill all of London's firstborn. To save her city from catastrophe, Billi will have to put her heart aside and make sacrifices greater than any of the Templars could have imagined.

My thoughts:
Billi SanGreal wants to be normal, not some soilder of a long but forgotten society of warriors. She just wants to have friends, go to the movies or maybe even have a boyfriend. But no she just happens to be the youngest member of the world's most famous society the Knights Templar. But the Knight's Templar is not what it once was. It was the most respected and feared and not just a shell of what it once was. From numbers at one time being in the thousands are now down to 9. 9 people to defend humanity against the monsters that hide in the shadows. The creatures that children are told about as bedtime stories. 

The faith that humanity once had in God has faltered leaving these warriors to devote their lives to saving their souls from those they once prayed to. 

Billi and her father Arthur, the master of the Knights, spend their lives training and trying to defend the world. But Billi doesn't want this anymore. She wants out but her father would never allow that to happen. Arthur is the most cruel and most emotionless man she has ever met. He wasn't always that way, but after her mother's murder Arthur has never been the same. 

Billi's life is turned upside down when her best friend Kay returns from his year long trip to train in Jerusalem. The only person her age that she has ever been frineds with. But the Kay who comes back is not her her lighthearted friend who left. Sick and tired of living her life to only fight and nothing else Billi seeks solace in a beautiful stranger Mike. There is something so captivating about Mike that makes Billi drop all of her defences. But Mike isn't all that he seems.

Kay wants to save Billi from all that will and can hurt her but cannot bring himself to get close to her. Afraid that he will loose her he pushes her away only to realize that she is the only one he needs. But is it too late? Heavenly beings have other plans for the Knights. Can they save mankind from those that they pray to?

I absolutely devoured Devil's Kiss. I was immediately engrossed in the story. Devil's Kiss is an action-packed, hight-energy and faced paced read. I was not bored once throughout the entire book. I love Billi. She is a great heroine who can kick some serious ass and needs to be feared even by Heavenly Beings.
Sarwat had be eagerly anticipating the next page. It was a very gripping read. Devil's Kiss is a great read. I highly recommend it. 

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  1. This book sounds fascinating! The lady knight who does not want the responsibility, yet because there are so few, it would make a difference if she left. Going to the TBR list, thank you for the heads up! Happy reading!