Review: Lover's Betrayal The Misfits of The Lore series by J.E Hopkins

Lover's Betrayal

Goodreads Blurb:
A Vampire Out to Clear Her Son's Name.

A Former Lover Bent on Revenge.

But Neither is Prepared for What Happens Next...

Vampire couple Olivia and Lucian were forced to separate nearly two centuries ago, but now a series of murders has brought them back together. Their task? To investigate who's responsible for the grisly killings. And the prime suspect is none other than Olivia's son, Kaden.

For Olivia, the reunion brings back all the pain of their shattered love—a love she abandoned to marry another. The decision held fateful consequences for herself and her troubled, warring sons. But her new mission also offers a chance at redemption as she risks everything to prove Kaden's innocence and put back together a fractured family before it's too late.

Through it all, Olivia faces the seemingly unyielding hate of Lucian, a powerful leader of the Council, the enforcers of all immortals. He's determined to seek vengeance on Olivia and her son—but can his hatred withstand the love his heart can't deny

My Thoughts:
After 175 years Olivia feels the most intense love for her mate Lucian head of the immortal Council, the enforcer's to all the supernatural beings. But after being separated by her evil sadistic husband Daughton, Olivia has spent her life not living. The emotional and physical abuse that she suffered at the hands of Daughton has caused Olivia the most unbearable pain. She lives for her sons but has failed them terribly. Her mistakes have caused a rife between her boys. Once they were closer than anything and now they cannot even be in the same room together without wanting to kill each other.

When Olivia gets an unexpected phone call from her youngest son Julian asking for her help with his brother Kaden, Olivia doesn't think twice but jumps on a plan with her best friend Corinne and head to New York to help her sons. When Olivia gets there she realizes the problems that her sons are going through are so much worse then she ever could have expected. Kaden is suspected of murdering seven innocent women.

Kaden has always had a dangerous streak but Olivia does not believe that her son is malicious enough to kill innocent people. She knows he is not perfect but he is still her son and she will stop at nothing to prove his innocence. But an unexpected visit from her lost mate has Olivia more mixed up and confused then ever. She cannot help the instant attraction that she still feels after all these years.

Lucian believes that Olivia betrayed him to be with Daughton. Olivia claiming to want him for his money and security but that is not the case. Lucian believes that Olivia tricked him but she had no choice in her marriage to her tyrannical husband.

Lucian is forced to deal with Kaden's situation which in turns forces him to deal with the situation of his one and only love. The feelings of betrayal have been unbearable for the last century and a half. He has barely put his life back together and he is thrust into dealing with the one person who he never wanted to see again.

As Lucian and Olivia try to uncover the truth about what happened to the murdered girls they discover so much more going on with the immortals that they never expected. As they try to untangle their feelings and try to get past all the hurt and anger they have dealt with, they realize that their bond might be stronger than they ever imagined.

I absolutely ravished Lover's Betrayal. A great story of true love, forgiveness and they ability to let go to the past no matter what you have been through. I adored all of the character's in this story. They each brought a great element that made the story amazing. I loved the relationship between Lucian and Olivia. Kaden was an amazing lead character. He has suffered with the knowledge of who he is for his entire life and cannot seem to get past it.

The internal struggles that the character's go through made the book very enjoyable. A very good read. For those of you who love paranormal.I cannot wait to delve into the sequel. I cannot wait for the story to continue  I highly suggest you pick up Lover's Betrayal.

I Give this 4.5/5 Hearts!! 

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