Review: Vampire Beach 1 Bloodlust and Initiation by Alex Duval

Vampire Beach - Bloodlust and Initiation (Vampire Beach)
Vampire Beach 1 Bloodlust and Initiation by Alex Duval
Release Date: July 6 2010
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Format: Omnibus Paperback
Genre: YA/Paranormal 
Source: Bought

Goodreads Synopsis:
Bloodlust - Jason Freeman is stoked when his family relocates to exclusive DeVere Heights, Malibu. The in-crowd at his posh new high school is surprisingly friendly -- soon Jason's hitting all the best parties. He even meets the token hot-but-unattainable girl. 

Determined to enjoy his almost postcard-perfect new life, Jason tries hard to ignore the many strange things going down in DeVere Heights. But then a girl washes up dead the morning after one off-the-hook party -- and with no explanation but a suspicious-looking bite mark. Now Jason has to admit that what you don't want to know can hurt you. 

Initiation - Jason Freeman is getting the hang of DeVere Heights. Then life from his flyover past pays an unexpected visit in the form of his old friend Tyler. Jason's surprised -- but psyched to see a familiar face. 

Having his friend around turns our to be a downer -- especially when Jason realizes that Tyler is running from some kind of crisis. But Tyler isn't in on DeVere Heights's little secret. Now instead of escaping his problem, he's about to put himself in mortal danger. Literally.

My Thoughts:
I thought that Bloodlust and Initiation were a really nice YA paranormal read. I absolutely adored the character's. It's your typical YA vampire story with a little bit of an edge. Secret societies and a group of wealthy good looking teenager's who happen to have a little secret about themselves that they try to hide, but when a new boy comes to town things start to shake up for this relatively peaceful existence. 

I thought the storyline was really good. It didn't take me long at all to fall into the story. I really enjoyed the plot and the character's. I thought the main character Jason was really sweet. He falls for the girl who he can't have but it turns out that she might be more into him than he thinks. He pines of over her and he has this magnetic pull towards her that he cannot quiet explain. 

Sienna has a secret all her own. She is a good character. I found that I was a little skeptical of her at the beginning. I thought she was just trying to play around on Jason. I didn't believe that she was serious about her feelings but the further I read on, the more my opinions of her changed. I believe that she was trying to protect Jason but couldn't help but get herself involved as well. 

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with Vampire Beach 1. I definitely want to continue the series and see where the world of the DeVere Height's goes. It was not hard at all to keep interested in the story. Alex kept the story interesting and kept me excited to see what would happen next. If you want a nice, quick YA paranormal read this is definitely a book that you should pick up. 

I Give This 4/5 Hearts! 

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  1. I was wondering how these would be. I saw them for the first time just the other day, so I was really excited to see your review! I am adding them to my TBR list.