ARC Review: Touch If You Dare by Stephanie Rowe

Touch If You Dare
Touch If You Dare by Stephanie Rowe
Release Date:July 1st 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 384
Format: ARC Paperback
Genre : Paranormal Romance
Source: Publisher

Goodreads Synopsis:

Rowe is a paranormal star!"
-JR Ward, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

He's just about the hottest warrior she's ever seen...
Reina Fleming really appreciates a man who's on a mission-especially when he's a badass warrior doing his best to impress her. And Jarvis is charmed by the way Reina's magic touch can soothe his dark side.
But when Jarvis's attention puts her job, her home, and her family in danger, Reina has to decide whether love is worth the price...

Enter the nonstop, action-packed world of Stephanie Rowe's love stories-you'll never think of the manly arts in the same way again.
"Rowe carves out her very own niche-call it paranormal romance adventure comedy."
-Publishers Weekly

My Thoughts:
Book 2 of the Soulfire Series continues with Jarvis and Reina. Stephanie Rowe has an amazing talent with her writing. A paranormal romance rock star. Her writing style is one to compliment. 

I love Stephanie's writing. This series is packed full of humor and steamy scenes that just keep you wanting to read further. I love her character's. Her warriors are everything that every woman looks for. Dangerous,heroic,selfless and full of love and understanding. I am a huge fan of Ms. Rowe's. 

I couldn't help but fall deeply for Jarvis and Reina. Two unlikely lover's who have to battle their worst demon's in order to save those they love. The character's are hilarious. This story will have you laughing. Stephanie writes about love very well. Men need women more than they like to believe they do and Stephanie brings that across with her writing. 

Jarvis doesn't think he needs Reina for anything more but to save his brother but the more they work together the more he finds everything he has been looking for with this woman. Reina wants nothing more than to save her sister from her inevitable death. Jarvis scares her but she needs his help. The more they work together the more Reina finds herself caring more for this man on a deeper level then she wants to admit. She cannot afford to give her heart out again. She has lost to many loved ones. But she is starting to believe that she can make an exception for Jarvis. 

An action-pact hilariously written story that had me loving every minute. A paranormal series that you won't want to miss. If you love Jeanine Frost and JR Ward you are going to love Stephanie Rowe! 

I Give This 5/5 Hearts! 

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  1. This sounds great!

    Thanks for the review, I will watch out for this one - I think I might like this too :)

  2. Great review! I have the first book in this series on my shelf. Now I'm going to have to pick it up and start this series!

  3. I have the first book in this series on my tbr pile I will have to get to it soon. Thanks for the review. :)