Review: ShadowShifter by Melissa D Ellis

ShadowShifter by Melissa D Ellis
Release Date: February 19 2011
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: YA/Supernatural
Source: Author 

Goodreads Synopsis:
Unpredictable, sexy, intense...terrifying! "ShadowShifter" gives us a whole new, modern-day Little Red Riding Hood to embrace... And her story is far more complicated and horrifying than what the Brothers Grimm could have ever imagined... 

With an uncontrollable temper and a flare for the dramatics, sixteen-year-old Julie Taylor has landed herself in summer school after a very publicly humiliating outburst. There, she meets her striking but mysterious next door neighbor, Broderick Cooper, and despite her determination to keep her distance, she cannot deny the tenacious draw she feels toward him. More and more, their paths continue to cross until they become completely entwined with one another. 

Julie swiftly becomes consumed not only in Broderick's love, but with his supernatural gifts as well - just as an unprecedented evil punches its way into their quiet little town, bringing with it Hell on Earth! One close brush with danger and a terrorizing chain of events begin to unfold, forever changing Julie's life as it opens her eyes to a sinister world that walks within her own... 

Waiting in the darkest of shadows - evil incarnate, legendary as fairy tales.

My Thoughts: 
I loved this book! Melissa wrote an amazing story that I could not get enough of. I finished this book wanting more of Julie and Brody. A great modern twist on a classic fairy tale. 

ShadowShifter is one of those books that I will continue to think about even though I am done. I absolutely adored the character's and the relationships of this novel. Being a self published novel I honestly couldn't tell that it was. Her writing style is absolutely amazing. I loved her character development and I honestly had a hard time remembering that this was self published.

I commend Melissa on such a great story. The supernatural being one of my favorite genre's, Melissa did not disappoint me and I find myself truly admiring her for such a great piece of work.

The story was great. The love between Brody and Julie had me swooning. I adored everything about this book. I find it hard to find anything to dislike about it. All of the character's were well written and the settings and plot were entrancing. 

Melissa's writing has this enamoring quality about it that had me wanting more. She had a perfect balance of all the qualities that makes books great. Such a great story of a young girl in high school who wants nothing more than to be accepted but finds herself uncomfortable in her own skin and how the most unexpected boy leads her to find herself in the midst of all that is crazy and chaotic about her life. 

Melissa D Ellis is definitely an author that you are going to want to check out if you love the supernatural and a great love story. Melissa is being added to the list of one of my favorite authors! 

I Give This 5/5 Hearts!

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed my book! I can't thank you enough for giving it an honest shot and an honest review! It means so much to me!
    I know now that you'll be one of the first to get the second book in the series when it is done (2012), LYCANTHROPE!!
    And if ever you want to host a giveaway, give me a heads up & I'll supply you with some swag. ;)
    Thanks again!