Interview with YA Author Gwen Hayes

I just want to thank Gwen for coming by and answering some questions for us.

What was the scariest thing you've ever experienced as a child?

I'm still terrified of those creepy games you play at slumber parties. To this day, I can't enter a dark room with a mirror in it.
Where did the idea for Falling Under come from? 
The first scene was the seed...but I had no idea what it would lead to. 

Are your character's like anyone you know? 
I don't think so--though I'd pay money to be friends with Donny. She's great. I like her even 
more in the sequel.

What do you think your greatest accomplishment has been? 
My children are still alive. They don't come with a manual, you know. 

How long did it take you to get your work published? 
I published short stories with small e-first publishers right away, but Falling Under, my debut novel, came out about 4 years after I began writing.

What would be your advice to aspiring writers? 
I always recommend reading. Just like sports teams watch videos of their competition, 
think analyzing other storytellers adds to your own craft.

Did you ever feel like quitting writing? 
Everytime it gets hard. And then I keep at it anyway.

How many drafts of Falling Under did you write before you were finally happy with it? 
Wow, I'm not sure I could ever be completely happy with it. There were at least 4 drafts. At least.

What is your writing process like? 
Confusing. Sometimes I am all over the place with different projects open at the same time. I'm trying to learn to plot ahead, but that isn't exactly working. Sometimes I write out of order. Really, I'm the poster child for "Don't be this writer."

What can we expect next from Theia and Haden? 
Theia and Haden have a long road ahead. She's got to come to terms with the changes that happened in Falling Under. And Under isn't done with her yet.

Fun Facts!
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Chocolate or candy? Chocolate
Favorite childhood novel? A Wrinkle in Time
Last book you read? Faking It
Who is your most influential writer? eep! I can't pick one. Joss Whedon if I"m only allowed one. Nora Roberts and Madeleine L'Engle if I get more. 
Favorite genre to read? Historical romance
Favorite genre to write? Young Adult romance
Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Thank you so much for stopping by today Gwen! I cannot wait for the release of Dreaming Awake. 

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