Review: Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione

Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica, #4)
Release Date: January 26 2010
Pages: 400
Publisher: Forever
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Bought

Goodreads Synopsis:
A DEMON ENSLAVED Lore is a Seminus half-breed demon who has been forced to act as his dark master's assassin. Now to earn his freedom and save his sister's life, he must complete one last kill. Powerful and ruthless, he'll stop at nothing to carry out this deadly mission. 
AN ANGEL TEMPTED Idess is an earthbound angel with a wild side, sworn to protect the human Lore is targeting. She's determined to thwart her wickedly handsome adversary by any means necessary-even if that means risking her vow of eternal chastity. But what begins as a simple seduction soon turns into a passion that leaves both angel and demon craving complete surrender.
Torn between duty and desire, Lore and Idess must join forces as they battle their attraction for each other. Because an enemy from the past is rising again-one hellbent on vengeance and unthinkable destruction

My Thoughts:
Oh geez this series just gets better and better. Just when you think that Larissa has done all she can with it she comes at us with Lore's story. And what a great story it is.

Action pact and full of steamy romance Lore finds Idess an earth bound angel who brings out all the best sides of Lore and the worst. Sent to protect Kynan from Lore, Idess will do whatever she has to to keep Lore from killing Kynan. Even if it means chaining him to her bed.

I love Lore and Idess together. They have got to be one of my favorite couples so far. Lore has not had the easiest life and the only person he has ever cared about is his sister. But when Lore finds out that he has brother's his world is turned upside down. 

Idess has wanted nothing more than to ascend to heaven and get her wings. All she has to do is protect her charges. But when her charge becomes Kynan and Lore is sent to destroy him Idess finds that this isn't going to be as easy as she hopped. Especially when she starts to fall in love with Lore.

I absolutely love the Sems brothers! They are every womens fantasy and I love continuing to read their story. Just when you thought life for the brother's was finally going to be easy their world is flipped upside down and Lore is the only one who is going to be able to put it back on balance.

I love the Demonica series and I love Larissa Ione. She is such an amazing author and turns the world of medicine and demons into a world that I definitely want to live in! 

I Give This 5/5 Hearts!

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