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So the awesome Katelyn from Kate's Tales of Books and Bands came up with this great idea for Blogger Appreciation. This is a great way to stop by all of those great blogs you follow and show your support and just to let them know that yes, in fact, we care about what you have to say. This is open for blogger's only ( for obvious reasons) and I hope that as many people will participate in this as possible because I think that Katelyn came up with an amazing idea. How many of us write our posts and do our thing but sit back and wonder "does anyone really care? " Well if you do this is your way of showing it. 

So What do you do?  Follow the Instructions below. (this is taken directly from Katelyn's post)
Who: Anyone and everyone can sign up just as long as you remember to keep it friendly! I would like it if you had a place to post stuff so having a blog is required (I don’t think anyone without a blog would try to sign up for a Blog Love-A-Thon but sometimes you can never be too careful!)
What: A Blogger Love-A-Thon! This will be a day full of commenting on blogs, following blogs, tweeting about blogs, thanking blogs, sharing the word about awesome blogs, telling another blogger how freaking awesome they are, the list goes on and on. Basically it will consist of fun posts, mini challenges, lots of commenting, and perhaps a giveaway or two! I do not have a full schedule completely detailed out yet but I will be e-mailing it to everyone who hopes to participate. Since I am a simple person and like to keep things that way, it will most likely be a fairly easy-to-follow schedule!
When: February 17th 2012 at 12:00 a.m. EST until February 18th 2012 at 12: a.m. EST. I understand that life gets in the way which is why I am not putting in major time restrictions on how long you have to actually be participating! If you can only do it for 12 hours, then do it for those 12 hours!
Where: Twitter, blogs, Facebook! All of your posts will be on your blog but OF COURSE links are welcomed on Twitter and Facebook!
Why: I doubt any of you were asking this question but just in case, it is because there are SO MANY book bloggers that I love! I want to take this opportunity to tell them how much I appreciate all the time and energy they put into their blogs. I know this is hard work and we have all had that moment of feeling like “is there anyone even paying attention to what I’m saying?”  I just really hope that a day like this will be good to lift the spirits of book bloggers everywhere! (There I go sounding all cheesy! I am sure I’ll be regretting my wording in about 2 hours but oh well, it gets the point across!)
How: If you would like to participate it is easy to sign up! (Or as easy as I can make it!)
Step 1- Read over everything I had to say and see if you a) agree with it b) want to take part in it and c) are able to participate in at least part of it!
2- Take the button at the top and save it to your computer.
3- Put it in your sidebar if you want!
4- Make up a post talking about the Book Blogger Love-A-Thon (and of course link back to this post). Also, it would be really sweet if you could put that button you so conveniently saved to your computer during step 2 and put it in the post somewhere. Your post can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. It can just be a copy and paste sort of deal or use your own wording. I don’t care just as long as ALL of the main info is there for anyone stopping by!
5- Publish your post and get the link.
6- Come back here, fill out the form and paste the link for me! Yes I will be checking out all participating blogs!
7- Tell people about this! Of course I would be happy if even 1 person wanted to do this with me but I think the more, the merrier!
8- Tweeting is optional BUT if you do Tweet about it try using the hashtag #LoveAThon. That way if I see it (trust me on this, I will now be stalking that hashtag like no other) I promise to RT for you!

So if you are interested and want to show some love this Valentine's season head on over and check out Katelyn's Blog and join in the fun. 

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  1. You are so awesome! Thank you for signing up for the Love-A-Thon :)