Waiting On Wednesday: Embers and Echos by Karsten Knight

Waiting on Wednesday is a great way to showcase the books that you are most looking forward to releasing. This week I am waiting on

Embers & Echoes
Oh my god did I ever love Wildefire and I am so freaking excited for the release of bk 2! The cliffhanger at the end of Wildefire left me in shock and I am still in shock and I need!!!! to see what happens next! For anyone whose read Wildefire I think you know what I am talking about
Embers and Echoes is set to release August 28 2012 from Simon and Schuster

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  1. I am so eager for this one as well! I'm hoping to get my copy of the ARC of the first one back from my friend too, and I'd love to get to read this one as an ARC too! Great choice!

  2. I still need to read Wildfire, I am so far behind on my TBR list. Great pick!

    My WOW

  3. Just stopping by from the Canada Day Blog Hop but looks like I am early on your site. lol Following now.

  4. I loved Wildefire too! Devoured it in one sitting and that ending just left me craving more. I would love nothing more than for an ARC of this one to land on my doorstep, not likely to happen but I want to read it that bad that soon. :]