ARC Review: Rivals and Retribution by Shannon Delany

Rivals and Retribution by Shannon Delany
Release Date: August 7 2012
Publisher: St Martins Griffin
Format: ARC Paperback
Pages: 320
Genre: YA/ Supernatural
Source: Publisher

Goodreads Synopsis:
Jessie Gillmansen is in trouble again and she's in for the fight of her life--and Pietr's! With Marlaena’s dangerous wolf pack putting more pressure on the Rusakova family, change is inevitable and when it comes, it brings a heavy price that forces Alexi into action to save his youngest brother's heart, head, and life. In the stunning conclusion of this celebrated paranormal series two werewolf families fight for control of the small town of Junction, control of each other and--most elusive of all--control of themselves

My Thoughts:
I loved the ending to this great story. As Jessie and Peitr embark on their last great adventure they find out more about thepmselves and how far they will go for one another.
Shannon could not have ended this story any better. As always I am blown away with the twists and turns that she throws at us even with the last book.
I was kind of shocked near the end of the book and to be honest a little upset ( I will leave out spoilers but once you've read it you will know what I am talking about) but Shannon redeems herself and all was forgiven.
Rivals and Retributions was a great ending to a great story. I will miss all the characters but I look forward to revisiting them.

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