Bout of Books 6.0 Read-a-Thon Wrap Up

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

So I have officially survived my first read-a-thon. It was definitely a lot more difficult to reach my goals than I had imagined them to be. Life of course got in the way but I really enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun pushing myself. I did not reach my goal of 10 books nor did I participate in any challenges and I caught the tail end of one twitter conversation. 

I read 7 out of the 10 that I had originally picked out. So I guess that's not too bad and I had tons of fun.
The books that I managed to finish were.

Intertwined by Gena Showalter
Immortal Beloved Cate Tiernan
I'll Tell You Mine by Pip Harry
Incarnate by Jodi Medows
Rift by Andrea Cremer
Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce 
Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz

All in all I am proud of myself to accomplished this much. At least I know to set a more realistic goal for next time. 

Did you reach your goals? 

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  1. I didn't quite mmet my goal though well done you on 7 books. 10 is quite a lot to read in a week.

    These events are great fun and hope you take part in next one

  2. Even though you didn't quite reach your goal, 7 books is amazing! Congrats! :-) I managed to meet my goals, mainly because I set really easy goals ^^

  3. Way to go!! Even though you didn't reach your goals you still did really well. I didn't reach mine either, but we both seemed to have fun and that's what matters right?!

  4. Wow congratulations :D sounds like you had a fab week!

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