New posting on the blog ( maybe?)

Hey guy's so I have been struggling with my "identity" for a while now as you all know. I guarantee you have come to the blog and the design has been one way and then come back the next day for it to be totally different! I know I can't help it. But as for design why's I like how things are right now but what I am currently struggling with now is whether or not to write about the Adult books I love. Mainly paranormal romance which due to it's content is not suitable for a younger audience. 

I adore YA and My Bookish Fairy Tale will continue to be mainly a YA based blog but what I want to do is a weekly My Bookish Fairy Tale After Hours post. The part I am struggling with is do I just create a page solely for this purpose or should I just create a new blog for the adult content? Then again I already spend so much time dedicted to this page that I don't think I can run two blogs without one of them failing or at least not getting as much time as it would deserve. I do not want to run the risk of offending any of my current readers and I do not want to place a 18+ content warning either because I am afraid it will scare away those YA readers. 

So what do you think? Would you be comfortable with a My Bookish Fairy Tale After Hours page? Or should I just continue to leave these reviews to Goodreads? 

As always your input is extremely valuable to me and I would appreciate any feedback you guys may have

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  1. I think the "After Hours" page would be just fine. Starting up a whole new blog doesn't sound like it would be manageable, and a lot of your currect readers are probably old enough to be interested anyway. If you're still concerned you could consider putting a non-frightening warning at the beginning of each post. :)

    And I'm liking the current blog design. I'm glad you mentioned that because I always notice when people change their blog, but I'm afraid to compliment it because I'm not sure if they did it a really long time ago. Lol.

  2. Eeek I don't think I could run two blogs either - I would never be able to dedicate the amount of time I'd like to for both blogs. I LOVE your current blog design. I change mine all of the time too and I'm struggling with my blog name.... I really want something else and since I'm a fairly new blog, I think I could change it without much problem BUT I don't know what to call myself?

    I love the After Hours page idea - but honestly, I enjoy blogs that feature a little of everything. Surely your current readers would be okay with it. I am but I may be a minority, LOL. I mean, they don't have to read every post you put up there. If they see it's something that's more adult, then they know not to read it if they're not interested, ya know? At least, that's what I would think. No offense to anyone though. I'd hate to offend someone.

  3. Hi Sunshine :) My suggestion: get an 18+ graphic that you can add to individual posts (near the top, so peeps see it quickly). That way, you can post about whatever the heck you want and the warning will be right there for those who don't want to read it.

  4. I would say go with your "after hours" idea. While I primarily focus on YA, I also have reviewed adult books from the get-go. All I really do is have a warning part somewhere in the review that warns readers that the said book is for older audiences and may contain adult situations. Something like that I think would work for you as well.

  5. I think After Hours is a great idea! I personally read a bunch of adult books as well and would love to see your reads!