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Top 6 Discoveries Women Find in Video Games
By Genese Davis

1. Life Skills Acquired Through Video Games

A professional woman’s weekly agenda can include public appearances, speeches, and leading team meetings. Powerful professional and personal skills in all these areas can be acquired by playing video games.

Video games improve our comfort level with professional and social expectations. Video games require strategy skills, leading teams, problem solving, quick decision-making, and raising awareness. Building these skills in game are easily transferable into our profession, thus enhancing our work skills. This is because through video games, women can build confidence, develop leadership skills, gain and delegate responsibility, and become strong mentors. Practicing and perfecting video game strategies give women important skills for their time on and off the clock.

2. Video Games Build Confidence

Video games open opportunities for women to build confidence. Women can play video games and learn an array of new information about art, technology, programming, entertainment, and community. These experiences will open doors to new groups of people in these divisions, and since these women will be familiar with the industry, they will have new angles, skills, and tools for building camaraderie that can benefit all professional and social environments.

In video games, the player is the hero. Storylines in video games empower women to believe in themselves and give direct feedback, i.e., “We couldn't have won without you,” and, “Thank you so much; you saved us!”

How often in the real world do we get direct feedback or compliments? Not often. Students face peer pressure in school. Professionals starve for feedback in the workplace. At home, stress feeds negativity. And TV teaches that no one is good enough and you’ll lose. Games teach us that we’re epic and we’ll win. Through games we learn the habits of heroes—our batteries get jumpstarted.

3. Video Games Benefit Relationships

Healthy and content relationships blossom when both partners take a pro-active interest in each other’s lifestyle. Even if video games are not your “cup of tea”
right now, give one a try. You may be surprised how many positive and artistic attributes are revealed.

Video games offer couples a hobby to explore together. Time playing a video game together is time well spent. Couples can bond while playing video games. Both can learn and discover from each other because they are interacting on new micro and macro levels.

Communication improves when playing video games together much more than when watching TV or movies. Video games require adaptation, and quick decision-making. Video games will constantly challenge the player and can significantly improve brain function. Video games can benefit relationships, bring people together, and improve our awareness and brainpower all at the same time.

4. Video Games Are Not Just For Men

When we hear the term “video game players”, people often think of a throng of children, or a group of men. However, the average age of every video game player is thirty-three. Video games are an important form of entertainment for all ages. In fact, video games offer crucial validation for women and men. All humans need time to unwind, because when we relax, our minds have the chance to process our daily stress and to rejuvenate. Video games give people the means to enhance their lives.

The percentages for male and female video game players are getting closer and closer together. If it seems there are more men playing video games than women, remember that men are often more vocal about playing video games. If you keep asking and looking around, you’ll discover there are more and more women playing video games every day.

5. Video Games Encourage Social Behavior—Not Isolation

Video games are a way for women to discover new perspectives, meet new people, hear new theories, and discuss new topics.

Women deserve to dabble, experiment, explore, live life to the fullest, and find treasures in unexpected places. Video games offer a wonderful, safe, and exciting environment for social entertainment.

6. Video Games are Healthy

All humans need time to unwind, because when we relax, our minds have the chance to process our daily stress and to rejuvenate. Video games give people the means to enhance their lives.

Thank you to Genese for visiting My Bookish Fairy Tale and giving us her insight to Women in Video Games today!

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  1. Thank you Genese, for these valuable points about women and video games. I often enjoy playing video games with my husband and children, and never thought about some of these things that you have brought up.
    I loved The Holder's Dominion so much I could not put it down.
    Thank you again,