Please Welcome Becca to My Bookish Fairy Tale

Happy Monday Bookies! Oh don't groan it comes by every week.
So as 2013 is the year for change and organization and community involvment here on My Bookish Fairy TaleI have been trying to think up ways to make this more fun and interactive as you all may or may not know.

So I have put a lot of thought into bringing someone else on board. For all of you who run a Blog by yourself or have recently transitioned into adding a co-author you know how big a decision that this is. I love my baby and have worked my ass off to get this blog to where it is today. But I couldnt be happier in this. A very good friend of mine has recently decided that she wants to review the books she reads as well and this is a great platform for her to do that. Becca is amazing and I hope you all welcome her with open arms!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
What are your favorite genre's to read?
Favorite genre would definitely be paranormal, so like werewolves, ghost, magick, followed closely by post apocalyptic, so fantasy and make believe, and possible reality lol
Who are your favorite authors?
Favorite authors would be Kelley Armstrong and Laurell K. Hamilton

What is a day in the life of Becca like?
I work nights, so usually when I am awake, everyone else is asleep. Gives lots of time for reading. And when I get home from work, my four awesome kids and my charming husband all greet me at the door. 6-8 hours of sleep and then it's family time!! Homework and games, housecleaning and laundry, we do it all together. I am one lucky mom!

Favorite childhood book?
Sleeping beauty. I have always loved that fairy tale, even now. 

Coffee or Tea?
Definitely, tea....nothing like a good book and a cup of chia tea to pass a cold winter night

Favorite Place to read?
And favourite place to read? A blanket laid out in a field on a warm sunny day. Nature and a good story, what a great combination

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  1. Thank you so much for such a warm welcome, Kristen! I am looking forward to being a part of My Bookish Fairytale and having some great discussions about many awesome books!