Secretariat Reborn by Susan Klaus

Secretariat RebornSecretariat Reborn by Susan Klaus
Release Date: October 1, 2013
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Format: ebook
Pages: 263
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Sources: Netgalley

Goodreads Synopsis:

Christian Roberts, lanky, blond, and twenty-five-years-old, rents out small sailboats on Sarasota Bay. His peaceful life is shattered when he accepts a thoroughbred colt from his estranged, dying father, an Ocala horse trainer. 
When Christian promises his father that he'll race the colt, he's plunged into the underworld of horse racing. To navigate his way he naively hires Ed Price, a heartless Miami trainer. And when his colt shows potential -- a surprising resemblance to Secretariat -- a dubious wealthy sheik wants to buy him, but Christian vows to keep his promise to his father. With a sizable debt still owed on the horse, Christian is forced to take out a loan, his only recourse, Vince, a New York mobster. If the money is not repaid on time, Christian's life and that of Allie, his colt's trainer, are threatened. To add to his rollercoaster of troubles, he faces fraud charges since his father illegally registered the colt, and he is being stalked by a psychotic ex-girlfriend.
My Thoughts:

This was an interesting story. I chose it because it was about horses, but I am always a little worried about campy, country and westerns. I was pleasantly surprised. While it was very “country”, there was enough “horse” to make it very worthwhile.

Although I did not understand all of the race terms, it did not prevent me from enjoying the story. The plot was well-written, believable, and entertaining. The characters were likeable and well-defined. Hot, sunny Christian could inspire some daydreams with his quiet, protective nature. Allie was the tough cowgirl, determined to do everything for herself, while you just want to hate Kate from the first moment.

Secretariat Reborn had everything-mystery, drama, romance, adventure on the high seas. Yes, there were even explosions. While I was interested in this book simply for the horses, the rest of the story kept me turning pages. Secretariat Reborn will definitely be a very good book for anyone who loves horses and horse races, but others will still find it entertaining. I would definitely recommend this book to readers of adventure, drama, mystery, and romance.

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