18+ Review: Incandescent by River Savage

Incandescent (Knights Rebels MC, #1)

Incandescent by River Savage
Release Date: August 9 2014
Pages: 241
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Adult
Series: Knights Rebels #1
Source: Amazon CA

Goodreads Synopsis:
Phoenix ‘Nix’ Knight thought pulling his club out of the illegal shit his Pops got them into was difficult.

Until he meets Kadence.

Kadence Turner has no business lusting over a student’s father, especially the president of the Knights Rebels MC. Nix is crass, obnoxious and dangerously sexy and for some reason, Kadence can’t seem to hate him for it. The bossy biker breaks down her defenses, but unlike the old Kadence, the woman she is today won’t give in without a fight.

The tension is undeniable, the attraction fierce. A man that wants what he wants and a woman that will fight him every step of the way

My Thoughts:
Holy Hotness! Seriously, damn. This was all kinds of naughty wrapped up in danger and excitement. I was really excited when I came across this book on Amazon . I absolutely adore MC books and this one was freaking amazing.

Kadence and Nix mesh so well together that it is so hard not to fall in love with them both.
NIx with his crass alpha male tendencies will make any woman drool. But Nix isn't just the Prez of his MC. He is also a devoted father to Z, which only makes him more adorable.

Kadence is a tough firecracker who might finally be a match for Nix. The only problem is she is also Z's teacher. As much as she tries to stay away from Nix, she just can't. There is something about this man who is going to crumble all of the carefully built walls that she has put up over the last couple of years.

This was such a well written book and I am so thrilled to have finally come across a MC book that has all the element's that I have been looking for. With books like this, I find that there is either too much sex and not enough story or the other way around but River was able to find the perfect balance. There was danger, intrigue and sexy as hell character's.  I absolutely loved this book and I cannot wait to continue the series!

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