Review The Forgotten Kiss

Ok guys! I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy PDF copy of BK Walkers latest work! It's a short story series called The Immortyl Kisses. It's a YA about a vampire, a werewolf and an mortal girl. I had the chance to read the first in the series called The Forgotten Kiss. As short stories go it sucked you in right from the beginning. I always find it hard with short stories because I feel that I dont get enough information about the characters because there isnt enough time to give enough of a backstory. But with BK's series I didn't have that issue at all. I felt that I knew enough about the characters to become invested in it! Oh and did I mention that there is a love triangle! hehe Gotta love it when someone can't decide who they want! This is a great new short story series and its a perfect YA book. I cannot wait to read her next one The Kiss of Betrayal.

To find out more about Bk and her books head over to Author Bk Walker and check out all of her work!

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