Why do you hate Monday's?

I haven't done a post that hasn't had something to do with a book or a giveaway yet. So because it's Monday and I like to think that this means a fresh start to the week I thought I would try something new.

I am going to explain to everyone why I hate Mondays!! But who doesn't right. Now I work as a cleaner during the week and I hate it. Not only do I clean my house but I have to clean other peoples houses too blah. Now my job isn't hard its just tedious. I work in the townhouse complex where I live which is extremely convenient considering I have 3 kids. My hubby the great man that he is stays home with my lil buggers and I bring in the dough! haha I know eh. So I can come and go as I please throughout the day and thats great if their is ever an emergency I am close by. I never work weekends. I save my weekends for my kids. But once Monday roles around I hate the thought of having to go back and scrub other houses when I didnt have enough energy to clean my own all weekend. Boo. 

So that is what I hate about Mondays!  What about the rest of you? What do you have most about Mondays? 

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  1. Well, I'm a high school student and so of course I hate having to go back to school. The worst part is having to get out of bed in the first place... though at least we all got an extra hour of sleep last night. Anyway, hope you have a good Tuesday-Sunday. :)

    -- Kat @ A Myriad of Books

  2. I hate Monday's because they come too soon. I hate getting up at 5:50 AM and driving 45 minutes in the dark to work. I'm not a morning person... LOL Mondays, yuck! :(

  3. Ug...I hate Mondays because I am not a morning person and neither are my kids. So trying to get up myself plus them and get one ready for school is not fun. And today was the worst, it was SO bright because of the time change!