L.J Smith author of The Vampire Diaries Being Cast Aside!

I just found this extremely disturbing post that I think everyone should check out! If you love L.J smith author of the infamous Vampire Diaries among many other great titles is being cast aside because Alloy Entertainment does not like the direction her story is going in. Please if this disturbs you as much as it has me. I highly encourage you to post on FB twitter and blog about how upset you are... who knows maybe they will smarten up!

L. J. Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries, being tossed aside: http://tiny.cc/0cc95

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  1. I haven't read any of VD yet but I had planned to but if this has happened I will just read the books she wrote and stop , this is wrong on all levels and to say no one will notice the difference then they don't know the avid readers/fans very well do they?

  2. I've read all her books, but I have not watched the show. And everything they want to cut from the show is what I love most! I love Bonnie in the books, and of coarse the whole Damon and Elena thing. I like him more then Stefan! I love her and it makes me sad to see her getting treated this way!!

  3. I don't like the fact that they cut Meredith from the show entirely. And changing Elena's looks and family members names and ages was out of order.

  4. To be honest, I recently read the first VD book and I really didn't like it at all... however, there are clearly many fans of her books, and what they are reportedly doing to her is so wrong. They are her creations, whether she was hired to write them or not... I know that it all has to do with contracts, etc. but there should still be some level of Right and Wrong that people adhere to. If the publishing people want an endgame for the series that matches the show then they should just do a new companion series for the show, since it's so different. They already have the Stefan's Diaries things that match the show, rather than the book series, so why not keep doing that and leave the original series alone?