Review Kiss At Your Own Risk by Stephanie Rowe

Kiss at Your Own Risk

Goodreads Blurb:
Trinity Harpswell is a cursed Black Widow-death and mayhem are all part of the job description. If she can manage to go just one more week without accidentally killing someone, she'll break this killer curse and put her Black Widow days behind her. When sexy Blaine Underhill III shows up at her door and asks for her help rescuing his friend from the clutches of Death's evil grandma, Trinity gets pulled into a daring high stakes adventure. As Blaine and Trinity join forces to take down a series of underworld assassins, they may just learn that love is the deadliest game of all.

My Thoughts:
Blaine Underhill has been trapped in the Den of Womanly Pursuits for over 150 years. Sold as a child by his parents to the witch in order to save themselves. Blaine has been tortured over and over again until now. He and his friends have managed to escape but at the very last moment, the only person in the world who Blaine trusts is snatched away from him at the last minute. Christian is sucked back into the Den while Blaine, Nigel and Jarvice are sent free. Determined to get Christian back, Blaine sets out to save his friend.

Trinity Harpswell is the world's deadliest woman. The Black Widow herself. Cursed as a child Trinity has spent her entire life running from her curse. She is forced to kill any man she loves. She has already killed four and has one left before her curse takes control and she is forced to be the Black Widow forever. One week left that is all she has to do is make it one more week without killing anyone and she will finally be free to have the life she has always wanted. She will finally be able to love without worrying about killing.

But fate and a lifetime of planning have other plans for Trinity. As her Dad sacrifices himself in order to save her soul, he is taken as collateral. Trinity is forced to kill a monster that is raging on citizens of the Otherworld. A monster that can shift his shape and is very hard to track. Trinity is the only one who can kill it. But in order to save her father she must kill this monster and if she kills the monster she will be lost to her curse forever.

Blaine needs Trinity in order to kill the witch. She is the only one who can. But is it really safe to entrust his needs to a Black Widow? Or will it just end up causing more heartbreak?

Stephanie Rowe is absolutely hilarious. Her writing style is amazing and she has amazing characters. I found myself laughing throughout the entire book. An amazing paranormal read. I loved the relationship between Blaine and Trinity. These two are thrust together under extreme circumstances in order to save the ones they love. But will they be able to find love with each other in the process or are they already doomed to fail?

Kiss At Your Own Risk is definitely a must read! If you are looking for an amazing paranormal romance with all the greatest elements of a book then this is definitely the book to pick up. It has humor, love, loss, and selflessness on the greatest levels. Stephanie Rowe is a new favorite of mine.

I Give this 5/5 Hearts!

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