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The 5 Most Common Black-Leather-Shoe Mistakes Women Make
By Marian L. Thomas

Ladies! There are a few simple things you can avoid that will save you from repeat B.L.S.D, (Black-Leather-Shoes Doom) that we all experience from time to time. However, please remember that even after reading this, it might not prevent you from running into, marrying or dating a B.L.S.D - type of man overnight, but I hope that the information below will help you to see, acknowledge and accept the warning signs before it's too late. Shall we begin?

Mistake #1Checking out his appearance and getting lost in his black leather shoes!
Solution:  If his shoes are shinning more than what he says to you or does for you, run!

Mistake #2Forgetting to check out his background before thinking about your future together.
Solution: Do your homework. Find out about the past drama before you become the present drama.

Mistake #3—Check the Compliments!
Solution: Ask yourself: Does it sound sincere? You want to be sure he is being sincere with his compliments and not just telling you something that 50 other women have heard.

Mistake #4—Not having a 'line' in mind!
Solution: Know and have standards but make sure that you are up to par with them yourself.

Mistake #5—Not Repeating this to yourself: "I am worth it"!
Solution: He smiled to capture your interest, brought your flowers and called you every night,  now make sure that he keeps doing it.
That's it ladies, the 5 most common Black-Leather-Shoe Mistakes, we as women can make at some point in our lives.

About the Author:
Marian L. Thomas, reared in Chicago but lives with her biggest-supporter—her husband and their spoiled but playful dog, Winston in Atlanta, Georgia. Her debut title, Color Me Jazzmyne, went on to become an Amazon Best-Seller and was ranked as one of the" Top 100 Books"-1st Qtr 2010 by the Sankofa Literary Society Review.

Marian welcomes the release of her second book, My Father's Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues on March 1, 2011 to online retailers,, Barnes &, Kindle and Nook. Be sure to get your copy today! It is sure to be another Best-Seller for the author as it takes you on the journey of four individuals that lead to one destination filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading this book.
    It is really fun going to all these sites. This site is beautiful.

    Janis Friesler
    Assisting Authors Online

  2. i cant wait to read this book. it looks wonderful thank you.