Interview and Giveaway With Jennifer L Armentrout Author of Half-Blood

Today we have Jennifer L Armentrout the lovely author of Half-Blood and the prequel Damion. I want to thank you so much Jennifer for joining us today :) 

Where did the Ideas for Half-Blood come from?
I've always been interested in Greek Mythology, especially the demigod myth. So I took my fascination with it and ran. It really just started out with a question. "What if demigods had relations with mortals? What would their children be like?"

What was the writing process like for you?
I don't outline. So basically when I sit down to write and idea, that's what I do and let the story kind of take me a long. Sometimes I write in order and other times I jump all over the place. 

Did you ever feel like you wanted to give up?
Oh yes, multiple times. I'm sure every writer faces moments when they want to give up, but don't. I think that's the biggest key to success. Don't give up. 

Did Half-Blood end up the way you thought it was going to?
Yes. I always knew how I wanted it to end. So I was happy when it did actually end that way. 

How long did it take you to finish Half-Blood?
I started writing it in 2008, but completely revised it in June 2010. It was finished, edited and all, by September 2010

How did you make Aiden so adorable?
It's easy. Aiden is just that freaking adorable. 

Did you ever get mad at your characters?
Yes, when they won't stop talking to me and demanding that I pay them attention when I'm working on something else. 

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Flying by the seat of my pants all the way!

I know that everyone says that they always wanted to be an author, was this true for you?
Yes! So it really feels weird that I'm achieving that dream. 

Fun Facts
Coffee or Tea?

Chocolate or candy?
Chocolate candy

Horror or Romance?
Horrific Romance 

Who are your favorite authors?
LJ Smith. The rest are authors not pub'd yet. 

Your favorite childhood book?
Where the Red Ferd Grows

The last books you read?
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Angel Burn, Abandoned

Any last words for our readers? Any Advice?
Biggest piece of advice is to READ and if you want to become a writer, never give up!
Thanks for taking the time out Jenn to answer these. 
Thanks for having me! Been tons of fun!

Today Jenn has graciously offered up one signed copy of Damion to one lucky commenter.  Ends June 6th 2011Just leave a comment with your email address  for Jenn and you are entered to win a Signed Copy Of Damion. U.S/Canada only. 

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