What is this 20 Questions?? No Actually It's Just 3!

This is a new meme designed by Donna and Jessica over at Book Passion For Life and I think this is a great way for readers to get to know the blogger better. So I thought I would participate. It gives more of an intimate look into the wonderful bloggers who spend so much time on their blogs. So each week bloggers are asked to choose 3 questions and answers. I would also love to have my bloggers ask me some questions as well. So if there are any questions that my wonderful readers would like to know please send me an email to mybookishfairytale@hotmail.com and I will answer them in this weekly meme!!

So this week because it's week 1 for me so I will choose the questions and obviously answer them lol

Question 1: What is my favorite genre of book?
I love paranormal romance and YA paranormal. But I think everyone has already figured that out with my reviews lol :)

Question 2: What do I do in my spare time?
Well I work full time at a call center from 5pm to 1am ( I know horrible right ) So I spend the day with my children and my husband. I also catch up on all my blogging and twitter and facebook. I also read duh! 

Question 3:What is my favorite type of food?
I love Italian food even though I may be a little biased because my husband is Italian and he is an amazing cook which is horrible for my hips lol. I also love Chinese food. I have a big love of Chinese food.

I hope you enjoy this weeks meme. If you would like to ask my any questions please email me! I hope you have a great Thursday!! 

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  1. Great blog Kristen. Glad you like our meme :) I'm going to forward a question to you now. Donna x