ARC Review: Dominance by Will Lavender

Dominance: A Novel\
Dominance by Will Lavender
Release Date: July 5 2011
Publisher: Simon and Shuster
Format: ARC Paperback
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Goodreads Synopsis:
Fifteen years earlier. Jasper College is buzzing with the news that famed literature professor Richard Aldiss will be teaching a special night class called Unraveling a Literary Mystery—from a video feed in his prison cell. In 1982, Aldiss was convicted of the murders of two female grad students; the women were killed with axe blows and their bodies decorated with the novels of notoriously reclusive author Paul Fallows. Even the most obsessive Fallows scholars have never seen him. He is like a ghost. Aldiss entreats the students of his night class to solve the Fallows riddle once and for all. The author’s two published novels, The Coil and The Golden Silence, are considered maps to finding Fallows’s true identity. And the only way in is to master them through a game called the Procedure. You may not know when the game has begun, but when you receive an invitation to play, it is an invitation to join the elite ranks of Fallows scholars. Failure, in these circles, is a fate worse than death. Soon, members of the night class will be invited to play along . . .

Present day. Harvard professor Alex Shipley made her name as a member of Aldiss’s night class. She not only exposed the truth of Paul Fallows’s identity, but in the process uncovered information that acquitted Aldiss of the heinous 1982 crimes. But when one of her fellow night class alums is murdered— the body chopped up with an axe and surrounded by Fallows novels—can she use what she knows about Fallows and the Procedure to stop a killer before each of her former classmates is picked off, one by one

My Thoughts:
Dominance is a frighteningly twisted novel that has you on the edge of your seat as you are trying to figure out The Procedure. 

The suspense in this novel nearly killed me. As soon as I thought I had it all figured out Will turns around and sideswipes you and throws you off balance. Dominance has the perfect blend of mystery and intrigue that left me itching to find out who Fallow's really was. 

Will Lavender has the makings of greatness. He is such a refreshing change of pace for me. I got sucked into The Procedure along with the rest of character's. Will puts his character's through hell and I loved every minute of it. 

A riveting novel with the all the elements that makes a mystery/thriller novel amazing. Will Lavender is a name that everyone will want on their shelves. Dominance was a hauntingly and scary tale that had me on my toes. If you want a book that you can play along with, a book that sucks you in and makes you feel like you are apart of it then Dominance is the novel for you.

Will Lavender is an amazing author who will suck you in and make you forget that you were reading a novel. One of the best novel's of this genre that I have read in a long time. 

I Give This 5/5 Hearts! 

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  1. I like horrifying stories plus the fact that I love mystery this can be one of my next books on my wishlist.

    Thanks for the review, I like to discover new books :-)