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Before I get started, I want to thank Kristen for having me on her blog today. I’m truly honored to be here.

Okay, so let’s get down to business. Today I’m going to touch on a subject most romance readers are familiar with: love at first sight. Heavy topic, yes? This subject tends to bring out firm opinions, both supporting and opposing, and make for great conversation, especially when referring to our favorite pastime: reading. defines the love-at-first-sight phrase as: an instantaneous attraction to someone or something.

Pretty self-explanatory, yes? But does this type of thing truly happen? I think it can. Do I think it happens all the time? Absolutely not. For most of us, love is a gradual thing, a slow burn. At first, our attraction to the object of our desire is like a spark, igniting the desire within us, that part of us which longs for connection, both physical and emotional, like kindling. The more time we spend with the object of our desire, the hotter the flame grows, until a firestorm of lust finally takes hold and we find ourselves lost in the blissful heat of passion.

Love at first sight, in my opinion, starts out a lot like a flash fire: powerful, all consuming, and full of heat. The emotions, the sensation one feels toward their lover, the total adoration toward the object of their desire is undeniable, and unquestionably pure. I remember, as a young adult, questioning my ability to determine whether or not I’d found my Mr. Right. My mother had a standard answer, an answer I swear by today: When it’s right, you just know.

Truer words were never spoken. Later on, when I met my husband, I knew. I knew he was the man I’d marry. The attraction I felt for him (and still do btw) was crazy hot and out-of-control. But, along with the heat came a sense of peace, a sense of knowing, of absolute certainty. “Love at first sight”, in my opinion, is the rare instance when you’re lucky enough to experience an explosion of passion and feeling with someone, while at the same time, giving credence to that inner part of you that says “relax, breathe deep and enjoy; you’ve found your person.”

Ty and Danika, the hero and heroine from Cursing Athena, the first book in my new Order Of Seven series, both experience a “love at first sight moment.” For both, the instance is marked with a deep-seated desire that brings about a strong physical reaction. Ty is unable to deny his feelings for Danika, no matter how hard he tries. Deep down, he knows. He knows Danika is his life mate. He knows she’s the one. And it’s that knowledge that propels him to push aside his mission, to act out of character and get involved with her when he knows he shouldn’t. Love makes us do crazy things, both in the real world, and in the worlds we create. And in fiction, specifically romance, it’s that crazy, heart stopping, drop-you-to-your-knees, drown out the rest of the world feeling that gets me every time. Yes. I’m a true believer in “love at first sight.” And boy, oh, boy, do I love to read about it.

I want to thank Lisa for taking the time out of her busy schedule to stop by and share with us today. Thanks so much Lisa. If you have not yet read any of Lisa's work you are missing out. I have read and reviewed both Eve of Samhain and Pleasures Untold and they were amazing. You can find reviews of those on the Review Page.

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  1. It was more like at first sight, but he was too adorable not to love quickly with my husband and we'll be married 10 years Thursday ( cute post) hugs, Brenda

  2. Hi Brenda! Happy anniversary!!! Mwah!