ARC Review: Summer of No Regrets by Katherine Grace Bond

The Summer of No Regrets
Release Date: May 1 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Format: ARC Paperback
Genre: YA/Fiction
Source: Publisher

Goodreads Synopsis:
The day Brigitta accidentally flings herself into the lap of a guy she's never met, her friend Natalie is convinced he's Trent Yves, egotistical heartthrob-in-hiding. When the boy, who calls himself Luke, is nearly eaten by a cougar, Brigitta finds herself saving his life, being swept into his spectacular embrace and wondering if she wants Natalie's fantasy to be true.

As the two spend the summer together raising orphaned cougar cubs, Brigitta still can't be sure of his true identity. But then again, since her grandparents' death, her father's sudden urge to give away all their possessions and become a shaman, and her own awkward transition from girlhood into a young woman, she isn't sure of anything. What is the truth? More importantly, can she accept it?

My Thoughts:
This was a cute story. It's a story of one trying to find themselves, when not even realizing that they might have been lost in the first place.

There were some great emotional elements to the story. The relationship between Luke and Brigitta was adorable.

I wasn't overly thrilled with the book. To be honest there wasn't anything about it that was overly memorable, but I liked it just the same.

It is a great summer read. About young love and trying to survive it even though everything possible is keeping you apart.

Can you truly fall in love with someone when they haven't even told you who they really are? Or are they actually themselves when they are with you and it is all an act for everybody else? This is what Brigitta spends an entire summer trying to figure out.

How can Luke be so attentive and warm one minute and then disappear for days on end the next?

If you want a nice quick read that will melt your heart a little bit then this is the book for you.

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  1. This looks so cute! And I love the cover! Great review!