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Karen from For What It's Worth and Pam from Midnyte Reader are teaming up for this years Book Blogger Confessions.

Book Blogger Confessions is a meme that posts the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, where book bloggers "confess" and vent about blogging/bookish topics. Feel free to share, vent and offer solutions.

Make sure you check out this post if you are interested in participating. 

For this weeks topic:

Q: What are your blogging goals for the new year? Are you making any changes or testing out any new ideas for reviews or organization? Have you joined any challenges?

As many of you already know my main goal for 2013 is to be more interactive and delve more deeply within the book blogging community. I have been running My Bookish Fairy Tale for two years and I don't feel like I have made any great strides into "becoming" apart of the community. I realized that I have been off doing my own thing and it's been kind of lonely. I want to form new friendships and have fun. 

I have been thinking about changing up my reviewing style I just haven't been able to find my niche so to speak. I know that over the last two years my reviews have grown significantly and the more I do this the better they will get. But I think it is time to switch it up a  bit... I just haven't figured out how to do that yet :)

2013 is the year of challenges for My Bookish Fairy Tale. This will be the first year that I participate in any challenges or read-a-thons and I have already stacked my plate with 3 great challenges and I am also joining in my first ever Read-A-Thon starting today :)

I am definitely making this a more fun and community driven year. Like I said I was starting to feel lonely and I can only blame myself for that. It is time to take myself out of my bubble and broaden my horizon's so to speak and definitely make some new friends!

I want to know what you all think. If you are participating in the Book Blogger Confessions leave a link below and I will check out your post and even if you aren't participating I still love the comments!! 

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  1. Great goals! I want to become more involved with the blogging community as well, and have been trying to find new blogs out there. Finding new bloggers has been harder than expected, unless they join Follow Me memes. Good luck with your challenges this year!

    Alexia's Books and Such...

  2. those sound like such good goals and the community is awesome and I think is amazing with support no matter the blog.

  3. These are good goals! And you've got some nice challenges, too --- lots of good stuff to read. :) I have yet to participate in a read-a-thon .... they inevitably fall on the weekend I'm scheduled to work. Maybe one will work out in this new year, though.

  4. Good luck with your challenges and read-a-thon!

    I'm always rethinking my review style. For the most part I like my reviews but I want to find a way to write shorter reviews for a few books that I read for fun. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and lose the fun of reading writing in depth ones.

    I think it's harder to network now just because of the sheer number of blogs out there now. When I first started there weren't as many and we were a tight knit group even if we reviewed different genres. But it's worth the effort. I have met the most amazing people through blogging!

  5. These are fantastic goals. Good luck with keeping them :D