2013 Blogger Love-A-Thon Interview with Rachel @ Rachel Reads

I am happy to be participating in the 2013 Blogger Love-A-Thon. This is hosted  by Kate from Tales of Books and Bands and Alexa from Alexa Loves Books. This is a great way to show some blogger love. There are some great blogs out there and today I am interviewing Rachel from Rachel Reads.

What was the last really amazing book you read?
OH THIS IS HARD. I've read a ton of great books recently. I guess if I have to pick one...The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. The pacing, story, characterization, EVERYTHING was perfect.

What is your favorite genre? What is your least favorite genre?
My favorite genre is hands down Contemporary YA. It has always been my favorite and I will champion books in this genre until the day I die. I don't know what it is about contemporary that I love so much...I suppose it might be because of the realism. I love a good non-realistic book now and then, but I relate the best to contemporary stories. My least favorite genre is probably fantasy. I don't read a lot of novels in this genre because I have a difficult time getting into them. I loved fantasy when I was younger, but now it just doesn't do it for me.

What was Your favorite book growing up?
The Harry Potter series was by far my favorite book(s) growing up. I read the entire series at least two times a year. My entire room was decorated in Harry Potter merchandise. It was an obsession.

How do you feel about love triangles in YA? Love them or hate them?
I do not like love triangles that much. I mean, how often do they happen in real life? LIKE NEVER. I want two guys fawning over me and then maybe I'll like love triangles. I get that books aren't always realistic, but come on. There are love triangles EVERYWHERE these days and I would appreciate if we could have more stories where maybe it was just one guy fighting for a girl.

Who is your book boyfriend at the moment? Have more than one?
Jack Caputo from Everneath. I read the book a few weeks ago and I'm STILL in love with him. Like seriously if he could become a real person I'd be all over that. He's so cute and dedicated and he seems like a really great guy overall. I WANT HIM. 

What do you love most about book blogging?
My favorite part of book blogging is the community. When I first created my blog, I didn't even know the community existed. And then I joined twitter and I saw that HOLY COW THERE ARE SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE. I'm closer with some of my blogging friends than I am with some of my IRL friends. Everyone seems so nice and genuine. I always know someone will be online to brighten my day or make me laugh. BLOGGERS: I <3 YOU ALL.

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  1. hahaha!! Love the answer to love triangles,, so true!! And yay for Harry Potter!! I love HP!! Great interview! =D

  2. Yay for Harry Potter! :D I agree about the love-triangles. Not realistic and I'm getting tired of them, because almost every book has one. I also like Jack from Everneath! :) Great interview!


  3. I also love the supportive community!!! AHH Jack Caputo, all girls need a guy like him!

  4. I feel the same about love triangles. I really wish we didn't see them so often! I love YA contemporaries too (although I also love Fantasy). And I agree this YA blogging community is something special :)

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  5. I STILL love HP that much, I think. Maybe not as overtly as before, but the love is still there. I totally agree with you - I am constantly rereading them! Most recently I've had the audiobooks going in the car.

    And yeah, love triangles?! I want two boys fighting for me...