Becca Reviews: Meet Me In The Dark by Lilly M. Love

Meet Me In The Dark by Lilly M. Love
Release Date: November 8 2012
Publisher: Self-Published
Format: Paperback
Genre: Adult Paranormal
Source: Author

Goodreads Synopsis:
The first in the Demons of Dreams Saga. 
Did you sleep well last night? Did you dream? Have you met someone in your dream? Whether it was pleasant or not, it was just a dream ... wasn’t it?
Are you sure?

What if you think you're dreaming, but you‘re not?
What if suddenly a handsome stranger shows up in your dreams and you fall in love with him?
What if you wake up in the morning and your body is covered with scratches that you cannot explain?
What if not only you begin to question your mind?

They come at night, sneak into your dreams and if they want, also into your life! They are the demons of dreams and no one is safe from them...
Did you really just have a dream last night?

Leia Walsh is a young woman, successful in her job selling high-priced properties to New York’s wealthy. Against her good judgment she falls in love with a man who appears regularly in her dreams. Leia doesn’t believe that he is a product of her imagination, but is convinced that he exists. She starts to look for him in her daily life, but the game of the demons of dreams can be confusing and Leia soon doubts her sanity until she is invited to a party one day...was it just a dream after all?

My Thoughts:
  Dreams. We all have them. Sometimes we remember them; sometimes we don't. Sometimes they are warm and wonderful; a much needed escape from reality, that we don't want to leave. And hope we are lucky enough to return to.

But sometimes those dreams are horrible and scary places; places we can't seem to escape. Maybe it's the long hallway that you know had only 4 door, but just keeps getting longer and now has like 20 doors. Or maybe  you just can't seem to catch up, no matter how fast you go, but it's a matter of life and death. Those are the nightmares you can't wake up from fast enough.
But what if your dreams begin to feel real? What if you begin to find scrapes and bruises that coorespond with what's happening in your dreams? Lilly M. Love's Meet Me In The Dark is an entertaining story about dreams. Written in our heroine's point of view, it is a story that takes its time. I found that it started off very, very slow and was even dry at some points. But I am not one to give up on a book quickly. And I hope you don't either. I found that the amazing imagery, the wonderful settings, and the intriguing mystery, more that made up for the slow pace of the plot. By the end of the book, I was definitely hooked and wondering how Ms. Love was going to wrap it up. 

A paranormal mystery, with suspense, drama, and romance, it will appeal to any fans of those genres. Ms. Love brings her tale to a simmer with dreamy romance, then adds chunks of mystery and more than a dash of drama to set it to a boil, finally bring it to a full eruption with a cliffhanger that you definitely do not see coming.

Meet Me In The Dark is followed up by Prince Of The Dark, which I am definitely looking forward to. My only hope is that Ms. Love can keep up the pace at which she ended Meet Me In The Dark.

So tell me, have you ever had dreams that came true? How about waking up to find marks or bruises that match your dreams? I am fascinated with how the subconscious mind works and would love to hear your dreams.

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