Discussion Post: How do you decide what blogs to follow?

Hey guys. I have been on and off blogging for years. Here and there as you all know and when I take a hiatus I do notice that I may or may not loose some followers. I have gotten to the point in my blogging "career" that I have come to accept that and it happens but it can hurt, I'm not going to lie. I am happy about those who decide to stick around even though I may not be actively posting for a while. Does that show loyalty I don't  know. I do know that it is time consuming to go through your blog roll and delete blogs that you follow. Does it show laziness that people continue to follow or does it show that they like my content, even when it's sporadic?

Life is busy and hectic. Sometimes you just cannot come up with an original idea. Sometimes you need to get your priorities straight and your blog may not make the top 5 on that list. Personally I would rather post quality content and post sporadically then post "fluff" and post every day. I would love to be able to have an idea 7 days a week 365 days a year but that just does not happen. Or at least not for me. Sure there are those meme's that I may participate in here and there that will take up a day or two but for the most part I want the content to be my own. My idea. It's hard!!!! 

I've had these questions for a while and I would love to hear about what makes you decide which blogs you follow and why you continue to follow them?

When you first come across a blog what about it makes you think "hey I might like this blog?" 
Do you look at the content that the author has previously posted to see whether that particular blog is worth your time?
Is it the layout? The colouring? The overall presentation that catches your eye first and makes you take a second look?
Do you like a blog that looks clean? Or are you a fan of those hectic looking blogs that have so much going on that you find it difficult where to look first?

I'm not going to lie, if a blog is not aesthetically pleasing I will usually pass right on by and not bother to look at the content that's within. The famous "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover" scenario. We all do it. Don't lie. If you personally don't like the first glance you will most likely not waste your time skimming through the content. It sucks!!!! There are some fantastic blogs out there that are getting the once over because of this.

Fully submersing yourself into your blog is almost a full time job. It can take hours to design a good layout. To find the design that is just you. It is extremely time consuming. For those who have been blogging for a while get used to it and can do it rather quickly but some people don't understand how it works and rather just write instead of worrying about the looks. But unfortunately people the looks do matter. 

I am wondering if most of you are like this. How loyal are you to the blogs that you do decide to follow? Even when they do not post daily do you stick with them? Or like I said before are you just too lazy to go through your blog roll do un-follow?

So if you want to take the time, let me know your thoughts and opinion's. 

Please remember to keep all discussion posts' professional and polite. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and please be nice. You do not have to agree but it keep it clean.

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