Bad Boys Of Romance. Why we love them.

I originally published this on Jackie's blog from The Hardcover Obsession and very recently someone wanted to use this piece on their site and I only thought it fitting so share again. This is one of my most favoured posts.
So without further ado, my take on the Bad Boys of Romance:
Oh the dreaded, sexy dangerous bad boy. You know you all love them. They hate to play it safe. They push life to it’s limits and they are the ones that your Momma warned you about. Yet you just cannot stay away. You want to fix them. You want to help them. You want to be the shoulder that when and if they decide to cry on. Bad Boys are my downfall. Always have been and always will be. They are so dynamic and dangerous. Step to close to the fire and you will get burned. But damn if that fire is just so hot that you cant help yourself.

I love the redemption factor that comes into play with the Bad Boy. Most of them are just misunderstood and need someone to show them the light. But the ride to the light is filled with heartbreak and chaos and so many tears. You cannot help yourself but to be the one who helps them. Loving a bad boy is to walk on the wild side. It’s to put yourself out there and push yourself and also find yourself as well.
Do we love the bad boy because everyone tells us to stay away? If the bad boy wasn’t so taboo would we still love them as much? Bad Boys love fiercely. They love with all they have. Once they open up their hearts they will protect you with everything they have.
Why do we subject ourselves to the heartbreak? Because the end result is so worth it. You will have saved this damaged and misunderstood boy. He will realize that you are the only reason he has spent his life on this dangerous path. Because deep down he knew that you would be there to rescue him.
My favorite Bad Boys in YA Romance
  • The Fuentes Brothers from Simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry Series. Damn those boys will break your heart.
  • Noah Hutchins from Katie McGarry Pushing The Limits
  • Beau from Abbi Glines The Vincent Brothers
  • Warner from Tahereh Mafi Shatter Me
My favorite Bad Boys in Adult Romance
  • Zsadist from J.R Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood
  • Bones from Jeanine Frost Night Huntress Series
  • Hunter from Lara Adrians Midnight Breed Series
  • Maddox from Gena Showalter Lords of the Underworld series.

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