Review: No Regrets by Heather Allen

No Regrets by Heather  AllenNo Regrets by Heather Allen
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Format: Ecopy
Pages :300
Genre: Romance
Source: Amazon CA

Goodreads Synopsis:
Greylan Pace has been a fighter his entire life...

He's worked hard to get to the top as a mixed martial arts fighter, and finally his time in the spotlight has come. Everything he's ever wanted is at his fingertips.

Then, one event changed his life forever...

Now Greylan finds himself back on top, going to battle in the biggest fight of his life. But he soon learns that what he's strived for means nothing in comparison to his fight to keep his sister, his best friend Christina, and Mollie Andrews, the girl he can't stop thinking about.

He fights with everything he's got to keep his focus on his goal, but for the first time ever, he's afraid he might lose.

My Thoughts:
First off I need to say that I LOVE this cover! Seriously try and disagree with me :) 
No Regrets has everything I love about a book. It it fast paced, romantic, exciting and has just the right amount of danger. I am in love with this genre right now and I especially love that Grey is a fighter. I have a thing with mixed martial arts and Heather got it right. 

I knew from the start that nothing was what it seemed in this book. The relationship between Grey and Mollie was off to me. Once you read the book you will understand what I mean. But I know for a fact that this book wouldn't have been as good as it was without that odd relationship. 
I adore Christina and Grey. Their friendship brings the perfect  mix of love and kindness into the story.

Grey's protectiveness of his sister is sweet. I love how close and strong Heather made their relationship and I love how she combined Trinity's life and Grey's life together. 
No Regrets isn't overly sexual which was a nice change but you can definitely feel the chemistry between the characters.

Heather ended this book so perfectly. I NEED the next book. I am looking forward to seeing where Grey's story takes him next!

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